Sightseeing tour in Mezökövesd

The route is the following: Matyo Museum, Szent Laszlo Church, Hadas District, Kis Janko Bori Memorial House and Agricultural Machine Museum.
Price: 2600 Ft/ person (min. 40 people). The price contains the entrance fees.
Fee of the tourist guiding (without entrance fees): 15 000 Ft / group (Max. 6 hours)

On demand: Matyo wedding with dinner: 7500 Ft / person

 Sightseeing tour in Eger

Basilica, Kossuth Street, Dobo Square, Szechenyi Street, Bathes, Szepasszony Valley.

Price: 2800 Ft/ person (min. 40 people). The price contains the entrance fee to the Castle.
Fee of the tourist guiding (without entrance fees): 25 000 Ft / group (Max. 8 hours)

On demand: wine tasting in a wine cellar in the Valley of Szepasszony

Trip near Lake Tisza

Boating on Lake Tisza in 4-person boats for 2 hours with a guide.
Water Promenade on Lake Tisza: the Promenade is located on the lake, 500 metres away from the shore. You can admire the natural treasures of the lake by walking above the water on the 1500 metres long wooden passage. The route contains 2 bird-watching places, a resting island and a 10 metres high observing tower. Guides and information boards help you know more about the natural values.
It can be approached by ship (max. 20 people at the same time).

Price: 5000 Ft / person.
The price includes the boating, the water promenade and the fee of the tourist guiding.

Trip to the National Park of Hortobagy

The program contains a visit to the Shepherd Museum, a 2 hours long horse-carriage tour at Mata and lunch.

Price: 7900 Ft / person (min. 40 people)
Price without lunch: 4900 Ft / person


 Trip in Tokaj

Sightseeing in Miskolc (without entrance fees) and visit of Disznokö Wine cellar

Fee of guiding: 25 000 Ft / group

On demand: wine tasting at Rakoczi Cellar (or other) from 3500 Ft


Visit to Cserépfalu and its region

With a tour guide, bicycle, horse sleigh, horse carriage: Ódor castle ruin (look-out tower, prehistoric men’s cave and spring)

Oszlai Regionhouse, Suba-lyuk (hole), hive stones, Berezdi wine cellars with 6 stone soldiers who guard the wine barrels

Millennium Lookout tower, Little-America cave houses, folk peasant-houses, Suba-lyuk Museum

Memory room of Imre Cserépfalvi, Region-house (farmer), folk smith, wine tasting with goulash-party at Fióci line of wine cellar.

Open wine cellars, full glasses and empty barrels

(Wine cellar-, wine,- and melody (song) tour in Cserépfalu)
Winemaker shows his/her wines and cellar in determined times to the groups (8-50 persons) at Fidoci and Berezdi lines of wine cellars. After the host’s and guests´ singing – accompanied by zither or accordion music – the tour guide signs (with the upside down drinking horn) that the tour is continuing in another cellar. The aim of the tour is to get know the folk humour, songs and to consume wines in a good manner.


 Tours at World Heritage Sites of North-Hungary

`Pusztaprogram` with horse show and Boating on Lake Tisza (1 day – 2 National Parks)
You can get know the famous Hungarian Puszta (plain), the National Park of Hortobagy and the wonderful natural area of Lake Tisza. The program starts with a visit to the Museum of Shepherds´ and then there is a tour with a horse carriage. The tourist guide shows the participants Middle-Europe’s largest, protected Natural Park (82,000 ha). Visitors can see the unique flora and fauna of the area and they can also have a look at the ancient Hungarian domestic animals.

Lunch takes place near Lake Tisza: cauldron-fish soup with red wine and palinka. After the delicious lunch the guests can see the backwaters and canals from a boat with the help of guides. Visitors can also admire the flora and fauna and the colourful carpet of water lilies.

Date: between May and October according to appointments. 

A whole-day bus-outing with a Cave tour in Aggtelek

The tour conntains programmes and guiding.

Cave tour: visitors take a short walk (1 hour and 1 km) in Cave Baradla and then they listen to some music in the Concert Hall.

Village walk (on demand): participants can admire the harmony of Josvafö´s natural-, built-, and cultural environment.

Sárospatak-Tokaj- History class and historical wine region

Sárospatak is a historical and school-town; it could be the `Hungarian Oxford´.

The tour consists of visiting the Castle of Rákóczi, the School-museum and famous Library of the dormitory’s.

After the tour a wine tasting takes place in one of Tokaj´s wine cellars.

Sightseeing tour in Miskolc with a bus and nostalgic little train

Visitors can visit Lillafüred, (a suburban part of the city) where they can admire Hotel Palota, Lake Hámori, Hungary´s highest waterfall and Stephan Stalactite Cave. Participants take a walk in the old town and have a look at the beautiful view of the town from the Lookout tower of Avas.

The visitors are able to get information of the past of Miskolc with the help of a guide in the Castle of Diosgyör.  

Bicycle tours

1. Mezőkövesd - Tard (region house) - Cserépváralja (cavehouses, churches, ruins, hive stones) - Cserépfalu (Gazdaház (Farmer/region house), Suba-lyuk-line of wine cellars) - Bogács (church, bath) - Mezőkövesd
Length of the route: 30 km
Difficulty: Basic (asphalt, packed dirt road)

2. Mezőkövesd – Bükkzsérc - Völgyfőháza, Ódor-castle – Valley of Hór (Oszlai region house) – Cserépfalu (Suba-lyuk Museum) – Bogács (bath, winecellars) - Mezőkövesd
Length of the route 56 km
Difficulty: middle (asphalt, mountain forest road)

3. Mezőkövesd – Szomolya (potter workshop, hive stones) - Noszvaj (De la Motte Castle) – Síkfőkút - Várkút-Eger sightseeing) - Mezőkövesd
Length of the route: 54 km
Difficulty: middle (asphalt, forest trail)

4. Mezőkövesd – Egerlövő – Borsodivánka – Négyes – Tiszavalk - Tiszabábolna (flora and fauna of lowland) -Tiszadorogma- Mezőcsát (potter workshop) - Tiszaújváros 

Other possible tours/outings in the region:

In a district of 100 km around Mezőkövesd there are numerous historical, cultural monuments. Thermal bathes wait the guests who would like to have some rest or look for heiling opportunities. For those who prefer the nature, this area has a lot to show.

Some of the most important things:

  • Eger: historical baroque town, castle, chueches, Basilica, Minarete, Valley of Szépasszony
  • National Park of Bükk (Szilvásvárad, Bükk plateau, Szalajka-valley, Orbán-house, Forestry Meseum, Lipicaner Herd) Lillafüred (Szent István- és Anna caves)
  • National Park of Hortobágyi (Shepherd Museum, Meggyes csárda (restaurant), Kilenclyukú Híd (Bridge with 9 holes), puszta zoo, Hortobágyi Csárda)
  • Mountain Mátra (Parádfürdő: Cifra Stable, Car Museum, Parádsasvár: Glass factory, Cristal Manufactory, Kékestető, Mátrafüred, Gyöngyös: Mátra Museum)
  • Miskolc-Miskolctapolca: Castle of Diósgyőr, Avas-Lookout, Cavebath
  • Lake Tisza: it is a lake of 127 m2. Lake Tisza is the biggest Magyarország legnagyobb fishing lake in Hungary. It is also unique in Europe as paradise of water sports.
  • Thermal bathes: Eger, Egerszalók, Bogács, Mezőkövesd, Tiszafüred, Tiszaújváros, Tiszaörs
  • Time: on demand, previous appointment is needed
  • Tours are organized from 10 persons.
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